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DIY Tips For Awesome Summer Hair

Does your hair need a bit of freshening up? Want to lighten your hair but don't want it to be permanent? Are you just dying to try out the beachy wave look? Then check out these fab tips from LaurDIY for some awesome summer hair.

In the video, Lauren will teach you how to make a DIY hair lightening spray and how to get gorgeous natural waves that will make you look as if you just spent the entire day at the beach. (We wish!)

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Check out LaurDIY's summer hacks to look good and feel even better.

Lauren aka. LaurDIY is a Toronto-based DIY and fashion YouTuber with more than 1.7 million (and growing!) YouTube subscribers. The young entrepreneur, who’s also a member of Kin Community, is in love with glitter, ripped denim, cute sunnies, ombre hair and crop tops. In other words, she’s totally fab and can teach you how to unleash your inner goddess with her cool and easy DIY tips.