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How to Create Felted Wool Knit Bracelets

Has the fall season got you feeling crafty? 

If so, this DIY knit bracelet craft is for you.

All you need is your favourite wool yarn and some inspiration!

Automatic spool knitter (typically comes with tapestry needle and weighted clip)
Wool yarn
Wood beads


1) Thread lighter weight wool yarn into automatic spool knitter following manufacturer's instructions. Slowly turn crank to create 8-10" of knitted cord.

2) Thread yarn tail into tapestry needle and through the four open loops at end of cord and cinch closed. Then thread yarn through a wood bead, tie yarn tails from either end of cord to create a loop/bracelet. Cut excess.

3) Zip bracelet into wash bag, send through washing machine on a hot water cycle. Removed washed/felted bracelet from wash bag and allow to air dry.