Jennifer's Bead Coaster

What to do with all that extra holiday garland? Jennifer from Kin Community reccomends we get crafting!

These bead coasters are super simple to make and a great use for garland beads, or party/ Mardi Gras bead necklaces.

• Beads (depending on size, at least 42" long strand)
• Glue sticks (extra strength)
• Piece of paper
• Masking tape (6 strips)

• Glue gun
• Scissors

Make about a 5" square of tape, sticky side up on paper.
Wrap beads in the middle, around to form circle until at least 4" in diameter.
Glue rows of beads closest to each other, forming a line of glue to connect.
Making a line instead of dots of glue will help the coaster stay together stronger.
Let dry.

Tip: For strings of glue, lightly run glue gun tip next to them to melt them away.