Rainbow Pudding Pops

If you're looking for an alternative to heavy treats, look no further than Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio's yummy rainbow pudding pops. 

Perfect to help you cool down on a hot summer day (preferably on a beach or at the cottage), these popsicles are a fun way to enjoy the hot weather. Best of all, they're easy to make and would make for a cute Instagram pic.

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Rainbow Pudding Pops

Recipe from Jenn Johns (Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio)

Makes 10-12 popsicles (depending on container size)



  • 2 cups milk

  • 1 package vanilla pudding (4 serving size)

  • Gel paste- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

  • Popsicle molds




  1. Prepare pudding by combining package components and milk.  Whisk until combined and smooth.  Set in the fridge for five minutes to set.

  2. Divide chilled pudding into seven separate bowls (six bowls, if you do not want plain layers).  In one bowl, add red colouring and stir to combine.  In second bowl, add orange colouring and stir to combine.  In third bowl, add yellow colouring and stir to combine.  In fourth bowl, add green colouring and stir to combine,  In fifth bowl, add blue colouring and stir to combine.  In sixth bowl, add purple colouring and stir to combine.  Leave seventh bowl without colouring (if using).  

  3. Put all pudding colours into seven separate piping bags.  

  4. Starting with red, pipe a thin layer into the bottom of a popsicle mold.  Tap to level the pudding out.  Pipe a layer of regular pudding (if using) , and tap again.  Repeat with orange pudding, followed by regular and repeating the pattern: yellow, regular, green, regular, blue, regular, and finish with purple.

  5. Place popsicle sticks/holders into the pudding, and place into the freezer for 4-6 hours or overnight.

  6. To remove from holder, run under hot tap water and gently pull up on stick.  

  7. Keep frozen until ready to consume.  

  8. Popsicles can be kept frozen for 1-2 months.

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